Thoughts on the future of portable health devices

August 19, 2020
by Señor Web
  • AWatch5

I have been using the Apple Watch series 5 since March this year. What a fantastic device.

I initially purchased it to help track my runs as well as giving me an accurate heart rate reading. The device also lets me know when I have been sitting for too long and encourages me to stand up and walk for a few minutes. Thanks to the watch I have lost a few kilos over the last months, though running 100km in one month may have had something to do with it!

Amongst many other features, the Apple Watch also features the ability to call for help if it detects an abnormal heart rhythm or if a fall is detected. Fantastic.

This has left me wondering, what the future of wearables and health will be. Will devices in the future detect our blood sugar? Our blood pressure? Will it report back to your doctor if it detects early symptoms of a long term illness? It’s fascinating to think what these devices will be able to do in 10 years time.

Fascinating? Certainly. Scary? That as well. I’m not one to jump into conspiracy theories, but perhaps the future does lie in microchipping and a health device telling you everything about you. This information could end up in the hands of big pharma companies trying to sell you medication, or worse, in the hands of hostile actors.

I want to believe Apple’s commitment to privacy, but only time will tell.

Until next time.

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